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Amphetamines Addiction

Amphetamines are psychostimulant drugs that excite the central nervous system. Individuals will often experience a surge in energy levels and focus as well as a decrease in appetite when using. Some individuals may choose to use amphetamines (also known as methamphetamines) for recreational purposes, while others will use them as performance enhancers. Often those who work long hours use amphetamines to stay awake and energized. They are also popular among students for the same reasons.While the number of methamphetamine users decreased from 2006 to 2008, it increased again in 2009 from 314,000 to 502,000, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Detection & Dangers of Amphetamine Abuse

There are a variety of dangers associated with amphetamine use. A person addicted to amphetamine will often experience dramatic mood swings. If you suspect amphetamine addiction in a loved one, you may notice symptoms like irritability, feelings of paranoia and isolation, a refusal to eat, hallucinations and behavior that is suddenly irresponsible and violent. Knowing what to look for in cases of amphetamine abuse is an important part of getting treatment for your loved one.

Amphetamines are a physically addictive substance and those who attempt to quit using can experience several withdrawal symptoms.  Common ones include depression, feelings of anxiousness, headaches, fatigue and excessive sweating. These unpleasant symptoms generally discourage people from stopping the drug and lead to a repeated cycle of addiction.

An amphetamine addiction is extremely dangerous and there is a serious risk of overdose because of its addictive nature. Crystal meth is a type of amphetamine and considered to be the second most addictive drug available for use (behind only tobacco). People who use amphetamines put both themselves and those around them at risk because of their violent tendencies while using.

Amphetamine use is often connected with an increased rate of violence, which is related to the increased central nervous system activity. Communities with high levels of methamphetamine use often see higher levels of violence within the population which puts a strain upon society.

Treating Amphetamine Addiction

It is extremely important for individuals with an addiction to amphetamines to seek out help from a residential drug rehab. There are a variety of rehabilitation programs all across the country that cater specifically to amphetamine users. Many of these programs also focus on ecstasy rehab and LSD rehab because of the similarities between these types of addiction. If you are an amphetamine user, take the time to talk to someone about what treatment options may be right for you.

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