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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is an extremely addictive, dangerous drug that stimulates the central nervous system. Exposure time does not change the dangers associated with the drug. In the first hour after cocaine exposure, the user is at serious risk of a heart attack. The Institute for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston conducted research on cocaine use and came to the following conclusion,  “The average age of people in the study who suffered heart attacks soon after using cocaine was only 44.” The average age for non-cocaine users is 61.

How Addictive Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Studies conducted using lab animals as subjects have shown that animals will do anything in order to be rewarded with cocaine. Human behavior is similar.

Cocaine users may not experience the same physical withdrawal symptoms as opiate-based drug users, but the psychological toll of cocaine is just as bad if not worse.

Treatment Methods for Cocaine Addiction

Residential rehab facilities can treat your cocaine addiction just as they would treat a patient addicted to Vicodin. The first step in a residential drug rehab program is detox. You will be monitored by trained medical staff during the entire detox process, and once you are free of the addictive toxins, you will begin the rest of your drug rehab program. It will be difficult, but residential rehab programs support you throughout the entire recovery process. You will learn how to resist the temptations of your addiction. Beating a drug addiction is hard but not impossible.

Finding and Funding Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If paying for drug rehab is a concern, they are options available to help you. Most residential drug rehab programs are willing to work with you, your family and your insurance company to offer a solution and get you the help you need. Residential rehab programs exist for nearly all drug addictions, including cocaine addiction, Vicodin addiction, alcohol addiction and marijuana addiction. There is always hope, regardless of your circumstance. You can beat  addiction if you accept treatment.

We know the process of seeking help for your cocaine addiction can be a tough one to travel. We are here to answer any questions you have concerning drug addiction and residential rehab programs. We help you find a residential rehab facility that suits your needs.  Call our toll-free hotline now.

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