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Do I Need Inpatient Help for Salvia Use?

Do I Need Inpatient Help for Salvia Use?

Inpatient treatment means a user receives 24 hour care while staying at a facility. It offers many benefits to people attempting to quit salvia or other addictive substances. Salvia users can receive psychiatric and physical help at an inpatient treatment center through medically-supervised detox, counseling, therapy and other forms of treatment.

Do People Need Help to Quit Salvia?

Long-term salvia use can interfere with the functioning of the brain, which especially harms those with a mental health illness. The problem is that using salvia can cause suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, psychosis, depression, anti-social acts and emotional imbalance.

While salvia has not shown to be addictive, it does attract repeated users. The reason for this is that psychoactive side effects can be pleasurable, so users will seek to get high over and over. On salvia, users experience out-of-body feelings, accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations. While some users have terrifying experiences, others enjoy the unpredictable, mind-altering high. The greatest dangers of hallucinogenic drugs are that users have no control over their thoughts, feelings and behaviors while using. Accidents, injury, self-harm, violent or aggressive behavior and suicide are all likely risks of salvia use.

Treatment Methods for Salvia Use

Long-term salvia use can cause serious physical and psychological damage, so inpatient treatment may be appropriate. Recovery professionals work together to address the physical needs of the user, such as providing medication, repairing damaged organs, detox and so forth. Inpatient treatment also involves a great deal of psychological care. Treatment will address the underlying issues that influenced this self-destructive behavior, and it will provide the appropriate treatment for any co-occurring mental health issue such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and more.

Salvia users often have deep-rooted issues that prompted this damaging behavior. To prevent relapse or drug use in the future, recovery professionals address the issues, provide time for healing and then help users change their lifestyles. Inpatient treatment helps patients overcome drug use by removing addicts from the distractions, problems and temptations of real life. Checking into inpatient treatment allows users to focus their time and energy on getting better. It also creates a sense of security and belonging, because other addicts are going through similar situations. Salvia users are surrounded by caring professionals and supportive peers who can help during the recovery process.

Find Inpatient Help for Salvia Use

If you are ready to find treatment for salvia use or addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find inpatient treatment and other services that will work for your unique recovery needs. Whether you still have questions about treatment options or are ready to find treatment today, we can help. If you’re ready to stop using salvia, call us now.