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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Prior to starting residential drug rehab programs, many patients are required to undergo drug or alcohol detox. In some cases, detox is not required, though it is always an option and should be seriously considered.

Reasons for Detox Before Drug Rehabilitation

Patients with opiate-based drug addictions or those who abuse highly addictive illicit drugs (e.g.,. cocaine addiction) are usually required to undergo detox before entering a rehab program due to the physical and psychological nature of the drug. Opiate-based drugs get both your body and mind addicted, and when the drug is no longer in your system, both body and mind crave it. Withdrawal symptoms during detox for opiate-based drug addicts include things as simple as headaches, anxiety, aching joints and pain. However, the stronger the addiction is, the more likely you are to see withdrawal symptoms such as elevated temperature and heart rate and even hallucinations. If not monitored, reactions to these symptoms can be severe. This is why a detox is best done under the care of a trained medical staff at a residential drug rehab facility.

Detox for Alcohol Abuse

Additionally, those suffering from alcohol addiction will usually also be required to undergo detox before entering a residential drug rehab program. Alcohol, like opiate-based drugs, is a physically addictive substance and the act of detox can lead to withdrawal when the body craves what it is not getting anymore. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include anything from depression and irritability to nausea, clammy skin, fever and in very extreme cases, hallucinations. In a residential drug rehab facility, alcohol detox will be closely monitored by medical staff as well, ensuring a safe, proper environment.

How Drug and Alcohol Detox Works

Although not all drug addictions require a detox before entering a residential rehab program, many patients will benefit from participating and should strongly consider doing so. The detox process itself involves the removal of drugs and toxins from the patient’s body. By doing this, it leaves the patient with a clear mind to begin their next phase of drug addiction treatment in a residential rehab facility. With the act of detox, all patients start their programs at the same point. Detox is simply the first step toward a new, better outlook on life; after that comes treatment for the mind and body, including learning to resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Detox

For more information about drug and alcohol detox programs, please contact us. We’re here 24 hours a day. Our goal is to help you beat your drug or alcohol addiction.

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