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Flight Attendants and Addiction

Flight Attendants and Addiction

Flight attendants work in an intense, customer-oriented environment that can lead to higher stress levels. Attendants are more likely than most individuals to abuse drugs or alcohol, making them the target of more substance abuse awareness programs in recent years.

Substance Abuse and the Flight Attendant Lifestyle

Flight attendants work irregular hours and spend significant time away from home. In addition to this stressful lifestyle, attendants also have easy access to alcohol. Abuse of prescription drugs, such as sleeping pills, is also common. Additionally, traveling to various parts of the world makes access to illegal substances easier for attendants than for less-traveled individuals.

The Association of Flight Attendants notes on its website that denial commonly keeps addicted flight attendants from seeking help. Other factors such as fear of losing a job or fear of confronting personal problems also keep attendants with substance use issues from seeking treatment. The association offers the following indications of the right time to seek help:

  • Feelings of guilt or shame associated with drinking or drug use
  • Statements of worry from friends, family, or co-workers about drinking or drug use
  • Lost memory of events or whole periods of time forgotten while drinking or using

Help for Addicted Flight Attendants

Nationally, flight attendants may access help through the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP), which is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration. The confidential program offers services to all FAA-certified attendants. In addition to giving co-workers a chance to help a friend without jeopardizing his or her career, the program suggests treatment programs that provide care that acknowledges the culture of the flight attendant profession. Education about substance abuse prevention and support for individuals after treatment also is offered. Addiction is a highly treatable disease. When attendants abuse drugs or alcohol, there are many options for treatment that can fit into their busy work schedules.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Alcohol or Substance Abuse?

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