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LSD Rehab

LSD is a dangerous hallucinogenic drug. The effects of LSD are largely user-dependent, and the unpredictability of the drug makes it all the more hazardous. LSD use is a highly dangerous form of drug abuse. By the 12th grade, four percent of students admit to using LSD, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, making the risks associated with this drug even more concerning.

Dangers of LSD Use

Part of what makes LSD such a dangerous drug is the physical toll it takes on the drug user’s body. Immediately after use, LSD raises the user’s body temperature and blood pressure. Insomnia, dry mouth and tremors also occur. The physical effects of LSD, while serious, are possibly not the worst effects of the drug. Physical dependence is easier to treat, but psychological dependence takes more time to rehabilitate. Drug rehab facilities are equipped to take care of LSD addicts, helping them to conquer their addiction.

LSD has widespread psychological effects, given the hallucinogenic nature of the drug. While some users experience pleasurable reactions to LSD, the risk of a bad reaction is far higher. Bad experiences can leave the drug user terrified and out of control. LSD users have been driven to suicide while having bad reactions. Flashbacks can be terrifying side effects of LSD drug use, even long after the initial exposure. Chronic drug use can lead to addiction and has been proven to cause depression, paranoia and sometimes even schizophrenia.

Residential Drug Rehab for LSD Addicts

Residential drug rehab programs are ideal for someone suffering from an addiction to LSD. Each residential rehab program can be tailored to a patient’s individual needs. For an individual addicted to a drug like LSD, the program will likely include a mandatory three to seven day detox period, where the user is monitored by trained medical staff to help them through withdrawal. After detox, the patient will enter the residential rehab program and work to overcome their drug addiction. Many residential drug rehab programs encompass a number of hallucinogenic drug treatments, including psilocybin mushroom rehab. You are encouraged to seek help for any drug addiction, particularly LSD dependence.

Treatment for LCD Addiction in the US

If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction to LSD, or if someone you know is considering entering a residential drug rehab facility, we are here to help. Our counselors are waiting to take your call through our 24-hour, free drug addiction helpline.

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