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Marijuana Rehab

Although many consider marijuana to be a harmless drug, the truth is that cannabis users suffer a number of serious ill effects from long-term drug usage, including depression, cancer and other diseases. While the addiction rate for marijuana is much lower than other drugs, there is still a risk of drug addiction and dependency. No drug is harmless, and if you or someone you know has an addiction to marijuana, please consider treatment at a residential drug rehab facility.

Dangers of Marijuana Addiction

Many people decide to try marijuana because of the low risk of addiction. Some consider the drug to be safer than heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs; however, marijuana has its own set of side effects — they are just not felt as immediately. Often after using the drug for a long period of time, marijuana addicts become unwilling or unable to control their drug use, despite understanding the risks involved.

Additionally, chronic marijuana users are more likely to develop severe depression. This chronic usage also doubles the chances of suffering from psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia. Physical illnesses like lung disease are also far more likely for marijuana addicts as well. No drug addiction should be dismissed, not even for a drug often deemed harmless like marijuana.

Importance of Marijuana Rehab

The most important thing to keep in mind is that marijuana addiction is just as serious as PCP addiction . Treatment for an addiction to marijuana is just as necessary as attending ecstasy rehab. Residential drug rehab facilities are available to treat marijuana addiction. Detox is usually not considered necessary for marijuana rehab; however, it can be recommended to help patients begin their residential drug rehab program on a positive note. Following detox, residential rehab programs help patients learn to control the temptations that led them to their drug addiction. Upon release, patients have a number of options to help continue their rehab including outpatient treatment and even therapy.

Stop Marijuana Use with the Proper Help

If you or someone you know has questions about marijuana addiction, we offer a toll-free helpline to help address your concerns. Trained counselors are available to discuss residential drug rehab options with you and help you find a program that fits your needs. Drug addiction is always serious you can travel the path to recovery. Call us today; we are here to help.

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