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Residential Rehab for Painkiller Addiction

Prescription drugs, notably painkillers, are the second most abused drugs in the US today according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Every day, hundreds of people enter rehab facilities to battle their addictions to painkillers, but the rate of addiction continues to climb. When you are addicted to painkillers, the dependency is strong and the withdrawal even stronger, since many painkillers are opiate-based drugs. Symptoms of withdrawal include anything from mood swings and pain to fever, erratic behavior, sweating and shaking.

Although its pull is strong, overcoming this drug addiction is not impossible. With the help of residential drug rehab treatment centers, painkiller drug addiction can be a thing of the past.

Painkiller Treatment Centers

In order to get help for your painkiller addiction, you must choose a drug rehab center to suit your needs. If possible, pick a residential drug rehab center that specializes in the treatment of painkiller abuse and prescription drug addiction. By choosing a rehab facility that specifically caters to your addiction, the care you receive can be tailored to your individual needs as a patient.

Safe Painkiller Detoxification

Once you have entered a residential drug rehab facility, you will undergo a detox period that typically lasts between three and seven days. Doctors at the residential treatment facility will monitor every aspect of your detox, including your withdrawal periods, ensuring a safe beginning to your drug addiction recovery. Painkiller detox for drugs that are opiates can be a painful process where individuals experience nausea, vomiting, agitation and in some cases, even seizures. In a detox center, these things are much better controlled, making recovery easier.

Why Should I Choose Residential Rehabilitation for Addiction?

Although there are a number of rehab options, residential rehab facilities provide exceptional care in the treatment of painkiller drug addictions. Residential rehab is especially beneficial when treating painkiller addiction because many individuals who abuse these drugs do manage to function in their regular lives; as a result, there is less desire to stop the drug use unless they are removed from their environment. Here is a list of benefits to choosing residential rehab in treating your addiction:

  • Residential rehab allows you to overcome your addiction without temptations present.
  • Residential rehab provides safe, medically-supervised detox followed by a structured recovery program.
  • Residential drug rehab facilities are certified to provide excellent care.
  • Residential drug rehab allows you to focus on your recovery and changing your life.
  • Residential rehab centers teach you how to cope with emotional and mental health issues.
  • Residential rehab gives you the confidence and tools to battle temptations of painkillers following your release.

Help Finding Residential Rehab for Painkiller Addiction

If you have an addiction to painkillers and are considering treatment, let us help. Our job is to find you the best residential drug rehab facilities in the United States to ensure you a safe recovery.

Our 24-hour, toll-free helpline is staffed by trained counselors. If you or someone you love has a prescription drug addiction, we can help you arrange transportation to treatment, plan interventions or detox, or simply give you more information about residential rehab programs. All calls are confidential. There is no shame in asking for help.

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