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Saving Money by Choosing a Detox-Only Rehab Program

Addiction rehab programs can be expensive. Many addicts who realize that they need help to recover from their addictions have found themselves in a lifestyle in which they can barely afford the drugs they use, much less thousands of dollars for rehab. An option that may be attractive to them is detox-only rehab. Holistic and inpatient rehab centers usually provide a full range of addiction recovery services including the following:

  • Medical detox
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Lifestyle modification coaching
  • Nutritious food and exercise regimens
  • Follow-up counseling

These programs cost much more than detox-only rehab which only provides care during withdrawal symptoms. Many think that this is all it takes to beat addiction, but addiction is much more than a set of physical symptoms.

Dangers of Choosing a Detox-Only Program

Addiction involves the brain and the emotions, as drugs create chemical and mental pathways that a few weeks of detoxification cannot eradicate. Without follow-up treatment and intense accountability the already high likelihood of relapse becomes almost inevitable, and the re-addiction that follows may be so discouraging that the dejected drug user never fully realizes his or her recovery.

Finding Total Recovery from Drug Addiction

Detox is just the beginning of addiction recovery. If an addict hopes to leave addiction permanently behind, he or she must choose a complete recovery program. If you are looking for rehab that will give you your best chance of breaking free from drug use, please call us today. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so we can give you the best information about rehab any time of day. Please call now.