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Teen Treatment Programs

Teenagers deal with substance abuse very differently than adults might, and being a teenager with a drug addiction can be an exceptionally scary time. In 2009, the rate of illicit drug use in teens increased from 9.3 percent to 10.0 percent, meaning the need for teen rehabilitation treatment is on the rise. Many teens facing addiction do not enter into a drug abuse treatment program because they are afraid. Entering rehab can seem overwhelming and most teens have no idea what to expect when they arrive there. In theory, it can seem almost like  jail to them. They are expected to follow strict rules and adhere to the regulations of the facility, they have minimal (if any) contact with their family and friends, and cannot engage in any of their usual daily activities. However, drug treatment programs can actually be a very positive experience for teens.

What to Expect at a Teen Rehab

The beginnings of a teen residential rehab facility are very similar to the beginnings of a facility for adults. Upon entering, you will sit down with counselors that are trained in dealing with youths. They will discuss the nature of your drug habit and what has been happening in your life that may have led to or encouraged this habit. This is done to assess what type of addiction you have and how severe it may be, but also to assess the patient as an individual. The better the treatment staff understand your unique personality, the better equipped they will be to assist you through rehab. A personalized treatment plan that suits your specific needs will then be created.  Creating the proper treatment plan is not only essential for achieving success in rehab, but in preparing you for life after rehab.

While at a teen residential drug rehab, all residents will be subject to drug testing. The purpose of this is to ensure the integrity of the facility and safety of every resident.

Counseling for Teens in Addiction Treatment

A major part of teen residential rehabilitation is counseling. These facilities will have one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as group counseling sessions. Group sessions give you the opportunity to share experiences with your peers and find support and understanding within the group.

Choosing Teen Rehab

A teen residential drug rehab program is a safe, healthy, and positive environment designed uniquely for young people to help them work through their addiction with the support of their peers. Teens, rather than fearing rehab, should try and look at it in a positive light. While getting sober can seem overwhelming and even unachievable, with focus and commitment success can be a reality. Everyone in the facility wants you to succeed and that kind of camaraderie is a powerful motivator. As a teen, you should your research and talk to someone you trust to decide if treatment is right for you.  We can help you with this process whether you’re a teen that needs help or a parent that needs to get your teen in recovery.

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