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What Are My Options for Court-Ordered Addiction Services?

What Are My Options for Court-Ordered Addiction Services?

An individual may have the option to choose his or her own treatment program for a court-ordered addiction sentence; however, this depends on the judge and court’s approval. Generally, the court will allow individuals or their families to select their own treatment services, unless the court believes the individual is incapable or uninterested in finding suitable treatment for recovery.

While court-ordered addiction sentences are an effective tool for treating substance abuse and addiction, not every individual has the attitude or willingness to change. In some instances, individuals may be a danger or threat to themselves and others or require some specialized treatment to address their unique recovery needs. For example, some individuals may need addiction treatment services that treat patients with a history of violence or abuse; others may require special medical assistance for their own health and safety. If an individual does have the option to choice his or her treatment for a court-ordered addiction sentence, the court will still have to approve the decision. In addition, the court is not responsible for the cost of the treatment decided upon.

There are many treatment options for individuals looking to serve their court-ordered addiction sentence. While treatment may be court-ordered, individuals can take the sentence as a chance to change their lives for the better and address their substance abuse or addiction and the other issues that may be causing major problems in their lives. A court-ordered addiction treatment sentence should serve as a wake-up call that the individual’s behavior is harmful and requires help. Individuals can find both residential and outpatient treatment services and programs that offer 30-day, 60-day or 90-day programs, as well as other lengths of stay.

Quality addiction services offer medically-supervised detox, individual counseling, group or family counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, alternative therapies, skills training, education, relapse prevention and other services that address the root causes and underlying factors of the addiction. Quality addiction services also provide an initial assessment to determine what route of treatment and services should be involved for an individual’s personal journey to recovery. Some people will discover a co-occurring illness or condition that may be triggering their addictive behavior, such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or schizophrenia.

What Is Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment?

Court-ordered addiction treatment is a type of sentencing that judges give to individuals who need addiction treatment but will not get help on their own. Instead of sentencing these individuals to jail, a judge will give the option for treatment. In some instances, families can request a court-ordered addiction treatment sentence for their loved one who will not voluntarily get help, even if no legal charges or criminal activity has occurred. It is hoped that court-ordered addiction treatment will help end the cycle of addiction for good and keep individuals out of trouble for the rest of their lives.

Where Can I Find Treatment to Fulfill My Court-Ordered Addiction Sentence?

If you are looking for addiction treatment programs to fulfill your court-ordered addiction sentence, we can help. Our trained addiction counselors are ready to assist you by answering your questions and giving you the information necessary to find quality addiction treatment services, and we are available to help 24 hours a day. Counselors will discuss all of your options for treatment, and if you’re ready, they will connect you with the programs and services that meet your individual needs. To learn more about how we can help you find services for court-ordered addiction treatment, call and speak with a counselor today. We’re here to help.