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Are Visitors Allowed during Inpatient Treatment?

Are Visitors Allowed during Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient recovery centers are available for drug and alcohol addicts whose recovery would benefit from relocating during treatment. Removal from familiar surroundings, people, and habits is helpful in refocusing perspective. As such, these centers are secluded, private, and supplied with vigilant security personnel.

Visiting a Loved One in Inpatient Care

Visitation policies differ by center, with the completed length of stay being the biggest factor. During the early stages of therapy, patients are often not allowed any visitors. The focus is on building camaraderie with one’s recovery specialists and fellow patients; and faces from one’s past might bring up feelings of guilt or fear that he is not yet ready to handle. If such a policy exists at one’s chosen recovery facility, the patient and his family are informed of it beforehand. When the patient has made sufficient progress to receive visitors, his loved ones may arrive during visiting hours and spend time with him in designated areas. Continued displays of maturity and trustworthiness by a patient earn many inpatient treatment center residents leave to go off campus for a set period of time in the company of family members or other approved visitors.

What Happens When I Visit My Loved One?

Visitors are subject to screening to ensure that they are not smuggling in drugs or any other items likely to harm the patient or others at the center. One’s treatment specialists may reserve the right to deny visitation privileges if there is reason to suspect that a visitor has come in order to lure the patient back into a lifestyle of drug abuse. Members of the patient’s family will also be invited, with the patient’s permission, to participate in on-campus family therapy sessions if the center offers such a service. These are not the same as casual visits, but under the guidance of an experienced family therapist, these times can do a great deal of good for the patient’s new relationships with his loved ones, and can teach them how to support him as he breaks out of addiction.

Finding Inpatient Treatment

Please call our toll-free helpline any time, 24 hours a day. We can recommend recovery centers that will work with you to provide your loved one with the very best addiction care.