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Connotations of the Word “Rehab”

Connotations of the Word “Rehab”

The media has made a major contribution to a sensationalistic and largely inaccurate public perception of drug and alcohol rehab. This misperception can cause great harm by leading many people who could benefit from rehab to avoid seeking the treatment they need because of negative stereotypes and the stigma attached to the word.

Negative Connotations of the Word “Rehab”

The word “rehab” conjures certain perceptions in the public consciousness. To many people the word rehab brings to mind images of out of control celebrities and their public humiliations, as they are photographed or arrested during inebriated behavior and as they cycle in and out of high profile celebrity rehab centers. Television programs like Celebrity Rehab have focused on the most lurid aspects of treatment and recovery and have contributed to a popular conception of the rehab process that is not aligned with the realities of most professional rehab programs. Many people also assume that rehab is for drug addicts who have reached rock bottom, conjuring images of criminals, losers and abject failures rather than the real parents, professionals and other everyday people who need help with drug abuse or addiction.

Positive Connotations of the Word “Rehab”

Addiction to substances and behaviors occurs throughout all strata of society and can happen to anyone. Upstanding, hard-working people can be lured into substance abuse or seek escape through destructive behaviors, when the stress and pressures of life become overwhelming. Addiction to substances or behaviors is a disease of the mind. Research, clinical evidence, brain scan imagery and statistical data support this conclusion.

Rehab is a standard element of the recovery process from many diseases and injuries, and in these cases it is considered a positive and beneficial aspect of treatment. A person who has suffered broken bones from an automobile accident or someone who has suffered an extended illness benefits from rehabilitation. Taking time for professional rehab is the rule in cases of sports injuries, medical events and more. Rehab allows patients to recover their health and vitality and move forward with their lives.

Rehab for addiction is no different. An alcoholic, drug addict or problem gambler suffers from a disease and needs professional help no less than someone suffering from an injury or disease. Addicts suffer physical, psychological and emotional injury as a result of addiction. Rehab is the process that helps addicts to overcome their addiction, regain their physical and psychological health and regain their lives.

Don’t Let Negative Connotations about Rehab Stop You from Getting the Help You Need

Whether recovering from broken bones, an extended illness or addiction, rehab means hope for the future. If you are addicted to alcohol, drugs or a behavior such as gambling or sex, you are suffering from a disease that has taken control of your life, and you need professional help. Rehab can help you recover from your addiction and reclaim control. Don’t let the stigma of rehab stop you from getting the help you need to regain your life and reach your potential. If you would like assistance finding rehab, or if you simply have questions about rehab, call us. Our helpline is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day.