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Consequences of Going to Work While High

Consequences of Going to Work While High

Going to work while high can harm everyone involved. Drugs and alcohol impair a user’s ability to perform work effectively and safely. Also, working while high makes people less productive, and it also increases the risk of injuring oneself and others. Workers who are under the influence are more likely to make mistakes, leave tasks unfinished, fail to understand responsibilities and create conflict. Other common issues of drug use include absenteeism, theft, health insurance claims, poor employee morale, legal issues, injury and fatalities. Employers risk their time, money, credibility, relationships and their entire future when they are high at work. Because of this, most employers do not think twice about firing employees who are high at work.

Certain occupations hold even stricter penalties when it comes to substance abuse in the workplace. Occupations that require operation of heavy machinery, medical and veterinary jobs, pilots, teachers, military and government jobs are all offer strict penalties for drug use at the workplace. Impairment from drug use can jeopardize others’ safety and wellbeing.

Being high at work can destroy an individual’s future. Getting fired due to drug use can be a black mark that keeps people from finding other jobs. Difficulty finding employment can lead to major financial problems, homelessness, divorce, loss of child custody and more problems. If an employer does not terminate a drug-using employee, a major accident can cause problems, injury and even death to anyone in the workplace.

How to Get Drug Abuse Help without Losing Your Job

New laws require employers to send employees to treatment for addiction. Employers cannot fire an employee who is willing to seek professional help, but employees can terminate workers who abuse drugs or alcohol on the job. Seeking help for drug abuse can save someone’s job and future, but users who still fear job loss if they admit to addiction can seek legal help to safeguard their rights. Individuals who are willing to risk their career, health and wellbeing to get high at work must admit that they have a serious problem that requires professional help.

Drug Rehab Help

If you need rehab and addiction services for you or a loved one, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need on addiction recovery. If you are ready, we can even help you find the rehab services that fit your own unique needs. To learn more about your options for rehab and recovery, call and speak with an addiction counselor today. We’re ready to help when you reach out.