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Does It Count If I Sign up for Rehab While Under the Influence?

Signing up for rehab while under the influence is not an uncommon occurrence. Dependent users may be high more often than not, and they may be more willing to admit to or acknowledge a drug abuse problem while high.

What Does Addiction Rehabilitation Involve?

Rehab helps recovering users reclaim the life that was lost to their drug or alcohol use. It begins with an interview and an assessment. When starting rehab, whether you are still under the influence at the time or not, the team at the facility of your choosing will spend time getting to know you. They will ask questions to help better understand your use, what triggers your use, why you were turned on to drugs, when you use and why and how you got to your current position. They will want to know past family history, personal medical history and any co-occurring concerns. The assessment process allows professionals to figure out the best treatment plan for you, so you will be successful during your stay.

Physical and psychological assessments are followed by detox. This is often the most physically challenging part of recovery. If you entered rehab while under the influence, this will be the time when you sober up and allow your body to readjust to functioning without the presence of drugs. Medical professionals will work with you throughout the detox process to ensure that you get clean in the safest and most comfortable manner possible.

Detox is not the end of recovery. It will be followed by therapy where you will speak about what makes you want to use. You will learn how to understand addiction and develop coping mechanisms specifically tailored to your personal situation. If you are not convinced that a sober life is the right life for you, therapy can provide the motivation you need to get and stay clean.

Signing up for rehab, regardless of your mental or physical state, will always be the most important step towards your recovery and sobriety. You should never feel ashamed or unworthy of professional help, as this is exactly why rehab facilities exist. Each time you consider rehab, or even if it takes you more than one time to complete rehab, you are moving forward. Sign up for rehab, no matter where you are, and make your life count.

Learn More about Signing up for Rehab

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