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Family Weekends in Rehab

When your loved one goes to rehab, it can often feel like you are excluded from the process. The solution to this is involvement at a family rehab facility. Our facilities focus on helping addicts with addiction as well as rebuilding family relationships. This twin focus helps remind both patients and their families just how important addiction recovery is.

Family Involvement in Addiction Rehabilitation

You can get involved right now to help your family member by doing the following:

  • The first step to recovery is getting help with an intervention
  • Incorporating children and spouses into recovery can be a vital part of addiction treatment
  • Treatment can mean the difference between having a sober parent or not having them involved at all, making getting help for family addiction concerns of the utmost importance
  • Committing to playing a positive role is a vital part of ensuring a life-long sobriety

It can often prove quite challenging for someone to let go of the anger, disappointment and other emotions about a loved one’s addiction. However, by hanging onto these negative emotions you will not be doing anyone any good. Ask yourself the following:

  • How can you begin the process of healing if you are unwilling to close open emotional wounds?
  • How can you help to guide your children and other family members through recovery when you are unwilling to focus on it?
  • How can you help your addicted loved one if you are not fully committed to the process?

Spending Time Together during Rehabilitation

Our rehab facilities do so much more than offer help to addicts. We also offer services for families to receive help for addiction concerns, as well as family weekends in rehab. While you won’t be able to stay with your loved one during the entire rehab process, you can receive family support in the following ways:

  • Family weekends in rehab offer the opportunity for addicts to share their journeys with those they love.
  • Children can learn that rehab isn’t a scary place, but a positive place where their parents are cared for and are getting help.
  • Additionally, rehab facilities offer family counseling so that all members of the family are able to discuss how they feel and what changes that they would like to see.
  • Couples counseling help couples mend their relationships while also working on the addiction.
  • For families on the brink of walking away from their loved one, our family intervention help can open up a dialogue that can reunify the family as a whole.

Family Rehabilitation Help

There’s no reason to delay calling our 24 hour toll-free helpline. Our compassionate counselors are ready to discuss your family’s situation and work with you to find the best solution for all involved. We are here to help you; please allow us to help your family! We can even help you work with your insurance provider to arrange coverage for treatment.