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Residential Drug Rehab Alternatives

A residential drug and alcohol detox and rehab program is right for certain types of addicts. Detox and rehab programs are designed to help those with severe addictions including alcohol addiction, heroin addictions, cocaine addiction and opiate addiction.  Residential care is a more intensive form of rehabilitation and requires the patient to live on-site during their treatment.  This type of treatment is not required for all drug addicts and there are other treatment alternatives.

It’s important that addicts take the time to speak with a counselor about finding the right program for them.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Benefits

If a residential drug rehab is not the right fit, outpatient care might be an option to consider. During outpatient care, the addict can continue to live at home while attending appointments at an outpatient center to receive counseling and meet with medical professionals.  Childcare and obligations to their family and friends are not an issue because the patient is able to continue living at home.

This option is also less expensive because there is no need to pay for living expenses or food. Outpatient programs allow the addict to maintain a relatively normal life throughout their treatment. They can continue to work if they choose to do so, easing the financial burden of treatment a bit and making these programs a very realistic option for some patients.  The patients also receive a lot more freedom during outpatient care, something that is not recommended for people with severe addictions.

Which Treatment Form Is Right For You?

It is important to be realistic when considering what type of rehabilitation is right for you. Yes, outpatient care offers more freedom, but this type of treatment may not be adequate for you if you have a severe addiction. In the end, if you truly want to be successful at your rehabilitation, choosing the program that fits your needs is what will keep you sober in the long run. There are no short cuts and outpatient care doesn’t work for everyone. Be sure to consider all your options and speak with a counselor to discuss your addiction and options before deciding on a program.