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Returning to Your Old Job after Rehab

Many people fear attending rehab, because when it is over they have to return to their old lives and explain their absence. Keeping a job before, during and after rehab is a big fear for many addicts in need of treatment, but it is possible to do so. Letting your employer know that you are receiving rehab treatment and notifying them of your return will make the transition from rehab back to real life easier. There may be obstacles to continuing your old job after rehab, but they can be overcome. If you are truly concerned about your job, you will recognize that addiction rehabilitation is the only way for you to a productive and efficient employee.

Co-Workers and Their Response to Addiction Rehabilitation

The most difficult aspect of returning to work after rehab is coping with other employees. Your friends at work will be there for you every step of the way, but others may be more hesitant to accept you upon your return. If your addiction affected your work, you will have to regain the trust of your co-workers and superiors. To regain their trust, you simply need to avoid relapse, do your job well, and coexist. Over time these relationships can develop and strengthen, but there may be an initial period of readjustment.

How to Make Your Return to Work after Addiction Rehab Easier

Stay in contact with your recovery counselor, your personal support network and the human resources department of the company you work for. It may take a while for things to return to normal, but if you are open about any struggles and promptly address any problems that arise, you can return to work as a drug-free individual.

Where Can I Find Addiction Rehabilitation?

If you are struggling with addiction, you can find rehab treatment that will work for you. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your options for attending rehab and for maintaining your job before and after treatment. We will tell you about the latest treatment techniques and answer all your questions about addiction and addiction treatment. Call us now, and learn about the ways rehab can benefit you.