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Will My Relationship Survive Rehab?

Will My Relationship Survive Rehab?

Drug abuse and addiction impede healthy relationships, but you may fear that a relationship will fail when an addict is ready to go to rehab. Perhaps an addict has not yet told her friends and family about her fears of abandonment during treatment, but the addict’s loved ones may fear that distance or time in rehab will be too much for the addict to stand. Addicts may also wonder what their lives will be like after rehab. They may fear that they must seek new friends or that they will change in detrimental ways, thereby forcing a relationship to end. There is no guarantee whether a relationship will survive rehab, but it will probably fail if the addict does not quit using drugs.

Help Making a Relationship Survive Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is an amazing and life-saving decision. An addict must recognize the importance of getting help and understand that ending drug abuse is paramount. Friends, family and other loved ones must support the addict’s decision to get rehab. Relationships can survive rehab, and to help make this happen, loved ones can undergo treatment together. Quality rehab programs offer treatment services such as family counseling that work to heal relational damage of addiction. The benefits of incorporating family and friends into rehab are endless.

Sometimes the addict or both parties in a relationship discover that they need to cut ties or make significant changes. While in rehab an addict will learn that she must refrain from going back to her old ways after rehab, which can mean avoiding friends or family who use drugs. Therefore, a relationship does not have to end completely, but the addict must focus on recovery and dodging relapse. On the positive side, rehab will open up new opportunities for meeting people and finding support that will encourage recovery. Making new friends, restoring other relationships and creating a new life of opportunity is what addiction recovery is for. Those who truly love the addict will continue to provide a healthy, loving and supportive relationship during and after rehab.

Rehab Programs that Address Relationship Issues

If you’re concerned about losing your relationship to addiction, we can help you find rehab programs that address addiction and relationship issues at the same time. For help finding a rehab program that offers these services, please call our toll-free helpline now. A recovery professional is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, offer guidance and to help you find the rehab services that will work for your unique relationships. To learn more, call us now, because a recovery professional is waiting to speak with you.